What is the cheapest Spice? – How Many Years Ago Was The First Saffron Planted Aquariums

October 14, 2020

This one seems an interesting question at first glance. It’s just a question of how expensive the spice is compared with other “normal” spices. But we do have a lot more spices than we can buy. (This is going to be important later.) Anyway, here’s what you should know. The cheapest spice is an Indian pepper. The price is roughly $4.90 to $4.80 per pound and the cost per gram is about $6.20. (Note that we’re looking for a spice that’s available in all the major grocery stores, not just Indian.) One of the most common types of pepper is the red-pepper variety known by the brand name:

Chakka (also known as cayenne). A common Asian spice. A red pepper used to be the cheapest spice in India. While it’s still not the cheapest overall, it is close.

Coriander. One of the most popular spices in India, and one that was a cheap way for Indians to prepare food.

Coriander is not particularly poisonous or spicy, so it wasn’t really an ideal ingredient for making your own curry powder. It was, however, one of the cheap ways that Indians used to make curry powder.

The cheapest spice is a black pepper called:

Pepper. The cheapest spice you can buy is an Indian pepper.

Red Pepper. Not the most common type in India, but a cheap way for Indians to prepare food.

Black Pepper. A very common spice in India, sold in local shops.

If one of these spices has a very mild or high heat, it probably isn’t what you want. But the cheaper spices aren’t just all that. The black pepper is a popular way to spice up a dish such as:

Potato chips.

Sriracha sauce.


Cream of chicken soup.

A recipe that uses some of these spices can also be fairly safe. If you know the spice, then stick to the more common kinds. You’re better off trying to make your own spice mixture yourself.

What about a spice that is very spicy?

Yes, you can have a mild, spicy spice blend. This is more commonly done with curry powder, so it’s not just Spice 101 – but there is some flexibility for spice blends that you can put into your curry. The spice used for sautéing and boiling is usually:

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