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November 22, 2020

Saffron is the only green color in the entire universe. The most well-known reference to its properties as a spice derives from the biblical passage of the Song of Songs: “This is my skin, my skin is saffron!”

However, other traditional knowledge of its properties comes from folklore stories. For example, when people ate saffron in ancient China, which in turn was a source of saffron oil, they were said to retain their youthfulness. That is, the more refined in taste, the healthier you’d be. But in the Middle Ages the practice was frowned upon because there was nothing more attractive to the eye than dirt.

In modern times saffron is used in many beauty products, including face and body scrubs, and in some cosmetics and perfumes. It’s also occasionally mentioned as a “miracle” when an outbreak of an infectious disease occurs—in a sense, it does help mitigate a lot of the health consequences of the disease, which have traditionally been ascribed to a multitude of conditions.

There’s also been a fair bit of research into the plant’s health benefits, and so far the evidence is not conclusive so much as fascinating. That being said, there is evidence that saffron oil can reduce the swelling of blood vessels and may even reduce the risk of strokes, heart attacks, and high blood pressure.

So in terms of health benefits, while saffron is certainly not meant to replace the typical ingredient (the standard olive oil) of skin care products, it can definitely make a real difference.

How much of an impact should you expect to realize when it comes to the actual saffron-infused skin care product you use?

I’m a big fan of products which deliver an amazing array of benefits: they’re all made from natural, organic, and fair trade ingredients, and it’s worth bearing in mind that the ingredients which are most beneficial are also often ones which most consumers avoid! As such, you’ll see the use of ingredients like chamomile, rose hips and lavender come up a lot in a “Saffron” facial sheet mask.

The benefits of saffron go beyond skin rejuvenation, the most obvious being a reduction in the risk of premature skin ageing. This means that when products like these are applied to the skin in the morning, they effectively rejuvenate the skin and allow the skin to regain its original look of youthful, glowing health.

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