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November 7, 2020

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Saffron tastes like a little bit of cinnamon, which is why you’re probably going to get it in a curry. But if you’re going to add a little bit of saffron, be careful, because it can be really dangerous for your health. People aren’t used to eating these kinds of food and we’ve had people die of this stuff, especially on the eastern side of India. And if you get in touch with a saffron expert on their website or through an English-speaking group, you’ll probably find out that in fact it is not actually an essential ingredient for saffron to have. But even without any saffron there is a lot of saffron in this recipe. For example, in some places, there’s a lot of rice as well—but don’t expect to have it in a curry.

So how does it taste like?

It’s like a bit of a cross between saffron and black pepper, which is why I made the curry dish into a sort of cross between red pepper and curry powder. The saffron spice was pretty much a little bit of a secret. People said, ‘You’re kidding!’ And people say things like that at times, but I really didn’t know what saffron taste like till I was taking these photographs. I think it’s pretty similar to black pepper and saffron in taste. It’s a little bit thicker, it has a little bit more spiciness to it and it’s really pretty much sweet.


I heard you’ve eaten some in the past?

Yeah! I’ve eaten saffron at least on three occasions, so I don’t feel so uncomfortable eating it in India. But it’s like a little bit of red pepper, which I think is like saffron with a little bit more kick. It’s definitely not a bad thing to eat in India—it is something to make people who eat saffron happy. It’s not something you eat with salt, like black pepper or pepper flakes. The red pepper or the spice is much more important in Indian food. The thing with salt is that it adds saltiness and bitterness, and I think saffron is more balanced than that.

Are there any other ingredients you’d like to mention?

I like the flavor that it provides in the Indian dish—but there are things I’d like to mention also. I’d like to point out that my husband and I

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