Is saffron a hallucinogenic? – Planting Saffron Crocus Seeds

October 12, 2020

While the scientific studies on kaffir mushrooms are conflicting, people don’t typically take the leaves for their hallucinogenic properties. One study found that kaffir mushrooms could make a person “feel as if their own body is a living organism and they are ‘losing their sense of self'” and another also noted that “people who take kaffir mushrooms report a similar subjective experience, called entheogenic effects.”

However, some people have reported experiencing hallucinogen-like experiences that include:

The European Union will start discussions with Turkey on expanding visa-free regime. | Getty Poll: 50 percent in EU favor visa liberalization for Turks The European Commission plans to propose the plans to Turkey late November.

A quarter of Europeans support granting Turks visa-free travel to the EU, according to a poll released Oct. 12 by the European Council on Foreign Relations think tank for the first time.

Fifty-seven percent said they wanted Europe to reciprocate its visa-free trade agreement with Turkey, and the poll was carried out in the wake of Ankara’s renewed attempt to close the border separating it and Syria.

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A majority of 56 percent – or 27 percent of respondents – favored granting Turks visa-free travel to Europe, and a smaller plurality of 18 percent supported canceling the agreement altogether.

But the EU would face resistance within its own borders, with nearly one in four Europeans polled (22 percent) opposed to granting Turks visa-free travel.

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The EU will begin discussions with Turkey on expanding visa-free regime, which would allow Turks from non-EU countries to travel to the bloc for short-time visits. Talks are expected to begin after all EU members adopt a new set of free-travel guidelines — and Turkey has promised the rules will be adopted by the end of November — on Wednesday.

In the event of a successful adoption, Turkey would be permitted to extend up to 90 days of the visa-free regime while a formal visa application can be submitted, the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, said Oct. 11.

Despite some of his harshest rhetoric on the issue in the past, European Commission vice president Frans Timmermans, who is also the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator, is known to favor visa liberalization for Turks, as many of those from the bloc will face visa-required entry into the bloc at the start of their

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