How often does Saffron bloom? – Buy Saffron Crocus Bulbs

August 26, 2020

Every other year, around March.

How about when do you pick it?

If one is good, I pick it in April, as its flavour is mellow and it helps to balance all my fruit.

What does “Fruit” mean?

It can also stand for “Green/Cherry Fruit” in the same vein, though it is not quite the same as in Japanese culture.

How tall is Saffron?

Fruit is at least 1.5cm, if not more than 3cm.

Does Saffron grow in flower?

It is easy to make sachets out of the fruits, and can be made out for about 6-7 months depending on growing conditions.

How many kinds of flowers can fit inside a cask?

There are 14 varieties of cask, but many are still growing.

Can you pick out only one flowers from the whole lot?

Yes, but it will not give a very clear taste due to the very tiny seeds.

What is used to brew sambuca at home?

Safari Wine, that is sweetened with Sucralose and has a high sucralose content.

When I make sabor, can I make it with water or juice (safari wine)? When I make sabor, can I make it with water or juice (safari wine)?

Sabor wine is a white wine that has been aged for two years to produce a full body of fruit sweetness.

If I want to make sabor with fresh fruit juice, where do I get my juice?

The easiest place is on the street, but even in Mexico it is not easy to find juice because there is so much fruit in Mexico.

What is the colour and flavour of sambuca?

The colour and flavour depends on several factors, mostly: its age, the humidity in the air, the freshness of the juice, the temperature, and how ripe it is.

Can I make sabor with dried fruit? I don’t drink sabor as it is not so sweet!

No, dried sabor is a very old style of making sabor, and it is not sweetened at all. Sabor comes from the fruit of the pomegranate tree.

How can the juice come from an immature fruit which has less than 1/4 of the total

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