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November 12, 2020

Not very often.

Why do saffron growers have to pay $1,500 a pound for the herb? A bit of a rip-off.

Who is really responsible for the decline of the spice? It’s the people who make it.

Why do Chinese farmers have such thick beards? They’re used to working in fields and harvesting crops.

Why does the Himalayan salt industry pay so much for its salt? Because it’s easy to transport.

The idea of one-click recipes was an intriguing new concept when First Lady Michelle Obama announced it in June 2007.

“We’ll make it easy for you” was Barack and Michelle Obama’s promise to the American people in this June 2007 speech.

While the idea was appealing, no one ever thought that it would come to pass.

Today, the one-click model appears to be fading away due to the rise of recipes that require multiple steps and are designed for faster use.

A couple weeks ago, the New York Times ran an article titled “Cooking for the World Has Become a Game of One-Click Recipes.” It goes on to talk about how people are “taking to the internet to explore a world of fast, one-click cooking.”

The Times goes on:

The advent of one-click recipes has transformed what was once a kitchen-to-table, home-cooking pursuit into a game that is being played around the world: One, Two, Three, Cheers! “What we see now is that there is a huge appetite for ‘cheers,'” said John Shigetomi, who heads consumer research at Zagat. “At any time, any kitchen, a lot of people can have their own special recipe and a lot of recipes have moved around, and there is a lot of experimentation.”

The article’s author suggests that one reason for the shift is that people have become overwhelmed by the amount of time it takes to create a recipe.

One of the challenges of cooking for the world, though, has been that people are increasingly looking for quick and easy solutions to recipes. And people just aren’t going to wait for an entire recipe online to cook when they can just buy, say, a box of ingredients and assemble an entirely new meal.

Indeed, you can find multiple recipes for a single meal online (and many people do).

For instance, one person who posted their recipe for “Slow Roasted Duck Breast

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