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September 4, 2020

A recipe that includes saffron oil and saffron powder has the potential to produce a highly fragrant aroma that is often likened to cinnamon; it would be impossible to describe what a scent it would have, without tasting it. This is because all three component parts of saffron belong to a family of aromatic plants that occur naturally in the spice aisle of any spice store.

In recent historical times, saffron has been used for various purposes, including:
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Medicinal purposes

Saffron and saffron oil have also been used as food preparations as of late, as a means of treating ailments that normally require a strong and bitter oil. The most typical preparations are sweet saffron, and the most bitter are the ones that would contain citric acid.

A recipe I wrote up a couple years ago called for the use of a small dose of saffron seed oil and some basic water and sugar. I didn’t have the necessary ingredients, but the aroma was so delicious that I used the whole thing. I’m sure you can imagine the results.

Saffron oil: An essential oil, and a healthy source of fatty acids

An essential oil can also be thought of as a very light oil that takes only very slightly more time to evaporate than other oils. Essential oils have extremely low viscosity. This means that the evaporated oil has very little water vapor in it; this is very important because very small amounts of water vapor can make a huge difference to the odor quality of any essential oil.

Saffron oil is an excellent source of Omega 3’s and other essential fatty acid molecules. In fact, we’ll talk about essential oil and saturated fatty acids in more detail below in their place; for now, suffice to know that the omega 3’s in saffron oil get stored up as omega 6’s; they don’t get reabsorbed through the skin.

One could also make all the preparations of saffron oil one was interested in; I’m not sure that we’ve had too much of one yet, since you can still get it on occasion in any spice shop, at a higher cost than you would pay for a raw flower.

Saffron Oil Safety

As you’d expect from any food containing saffron, there are some health risks associated with its consumption. These include:

Eating saffron, or anything made with the seeds as an oil, increases one’s risk of

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