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October 21, 2020

It’s very easy: Cut a corner on the bulb.

Step 3: Add Water

Add water to a small dish. Mix with a spoon or whisk to distribute the spices evenly.

Put the saffron strands into the water, and let each layer of saffron strands soak overnight. It may require several minutes for each layer. The strands keep turning, because of the water’s movement throughout the dish. That’s one of the reasons why we add saffron oil to our saffron strands. It also makes the saffron strands stickier. You can put about a teaspoon of oil in a small sauce pan. You can also use olive oil. Make sure the oil and oil mixture is hot enough. Once all the saffron strands are completely soaked, you should be able to pull out each saffron strand through the oil.

Now, place the dish or water dish out in the sun to dry for a little while. The saffron works best after the first time you use it. For instance, once it’s out of the dish, place it in your glass, and once you see the saffron strands sticking together, then you can try using it again. You can even do this a few times to get the strands to stick together for longer before you take them out.

Step 4: Remove the Glass and Replace the Glass

Before you take the saffron strands out, you can pull them out the back with the wire. Place the dried saffron slices back into the dish and the glass, and then put it in the refrigerator.

Step 5: Dry the Glass and Replace It

Let it completely dry for 24 hours.

Repeat Steps 3 to 5 until all the oil has been used up and there are no more drips out of the saffron. When you see that no more than 2-3 drips remain, the sauce should dry out and the saffron should be ready to add to a dish.

For more tips on using saffron you can visit my How to Use Saffron post.

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