How do I start a saffron farm? – How Do You Harvest Saffron

August 10, 2020

Before you can make saffron or green chilies you need some seeds. But don’t panic. There are various steps needed to produce seeds. But before you can start with your seeds, you first need to know where you can find seeds in India.

Saffron seeds are also known as the “King of Chilies”, as they are the favourite fruit of king Chakra in South Asia. You can find fresh saffron chilies in most of the Indian cities. You can grow some saffron in soil too, but these are rare, so you can buy them in small packets.

Saffron is considered sacred in India as well as other South Asian nations. It has been used for centuries for curing ailments, treating a variety of ailments such as headache, eye infections, asthma attacks, and is also a very effective medicine for the treatment of malaria. You can buy saffron seeds that are from India on Amazon or buy saffron from various South Asian countries. You can also buy raw saffron from India that you can grind up and use in your recipes.

How do I harvest seeds from saffron?

As with all vegetables, fruits, and herbs you need to start small but once you have a few plants you need to make better use of them.
Potted Saffron Crocuses: Growing Saffron Crocus Flowers In Containers

In our seed farming recipes we teach you how to grow seeds at home. You can also read all about growing saffron. After a few years you will have many different varieties and varieties to experiment with.

It’s really important to harvest seeds before they start to rot or get moldy. Once you have harvested seeds you can keep them and keep them dry as they are safe to use. For more detailed information see this page about the harvest and drying of seeds.

Growing saffron in soil

You can grow saffron in soil as well as in soil. You can make the soil as wet as you want it to be, but be careful with the amount of acid. To make the soil more acid, you can add a lot of potassium sulfate.

Saffron in tea

Saffron is used in the tea process. It has been the leading herbal medicine in the tea trade for millenia. And in India it still is the preferred herbal medicine for people who have chronic health conditions especially skin and digestive ailments. The tea plant has been used in all parts of the world including India.

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