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November 19, 2020

A new study by London-based researchers has found that using saffron oil as a fragrance additive in perfumes could cause the same adverse health effects as using real saffron oil. Researchers from Oxford University looked at the chemical composition of 500 different types of flowers, and analysed their odour. They found that saffron, which is a member of the cumin family, can produce a sweet, smoky, herbaceous and woody aroma, but it also has a distinct ‘fruity’ flavour. Saffron aroma has been associated with the smell of death and misfortune for thousands of years and it has been used around the world in various perfumes. However, the Oxford University researchers say there is now ‘strong evidence that some of these odour compounds are actually pungent and can actually be toxic’ 5/10 Poisoned Waters A new study has revealed that the numbers of waterways across the UK that are coated with perfluorocarbons (PFOS) – the type of chemicals that are believed to cause climate change – have risen by a whole lot. The numbers are in fact “on the rise,” according to the study published in the journal Science. “Indeed, the numbers have gone up for ten years ever since the dawn of this new century,” professor Bill Rice, one of the paper’s authors, told BBC News. “There has been a massive increase in the amount of chemicals known to be contained in the wastewater that is wastewater that can’t be counted.” EPA 6/10 3. Freshwater pollution The prevailing wisdom has it that dry, salty water from spring water should be avoided at all costs – but a new study has suggested that such “extra” water should be welcomed instead. “We shouldn’t be pouring it on the ground as it comes from a faucet or a toilet,” Professor Gillian McAlpine, from the University of Aberdeen, told The Independent. “We should pour it into our rivers and our streams and take it away refill it.” According to the United Nations Environment Programme (Unep), harmful chlorinated groundwater is being removed from some rivers that inhabit the Middle East and North Africa and is being diverted towards the Balkans and Austria. In some cases, this recycled wastewater is being pumped back into the atmosphere, and that of the pollutants that it contains, could be back into the water supply. Dr McAlpine said she was alarmed by the study’s findings, published in the journal Science, explaining that such perfluorocarbons are linked to extreme weather events

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