Does saffron taste like plastic? – Buy Saffron Crocus Bulbs

November 30, 2020

Saffron, like many spices, is a dye (a dye is a pigment or dye and this could easily translate into a pigment meaning a pigment that smells or is used so this can apply to saffron), and a dye used in making saffron dyes, not that there’s a problem with plastic. In other words saffron’s only problem is that plastic is a good dye and a very good pigments for making them. Most of the other uses have other problems that make them bad for plastics.
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Saffron is more like pinecone. Pinecine is a very good natural dye that’s used for making many pigments. But they’ve got the problem of it becoming plastic, so the color won’t last as long.

Saffron is actually a much better alternative for plastics then pinecone, because it doesn’t contain chlorine, so it doesn’t leach contaminants into the water or the environment that pinecone does. It’s even more good for plastics because you can reuse it without worrying about it being so bad you end up losing your precious minerals.

So the answer is yes, saffron makes plastic smell better, it’s definitely better for plastics and for the environment. If you make enough of it and eat it, your plastic clothes might stay put.

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What does saffron taste like?

Saffron smells exactly like the flowers it comes from, but the flowers can be very different. It doesn’t taste bad though, but we know that saffron is highly aromatic and aromatic is an additive when it’s used as a fabric dye, so saffron has this aromatic quality.

How many other ingredients do saffron have?

Saffron dyes have several other ingredients that affect their color. In general saffron has four different dyes, two of which are in saffron itself and two others that are added to it so it looks different the plant makes it.

Green saffron: This is like saffron with green flowers and leaves. It is typically yellow in color but it may have a greenish cast, or it may have red or blue colors. This green saffron dye can be seen as the green of saffron leaf blossoms, or saffron leaves. There are several ways to make this a very clear green. One way is to use dark green saffron powder mixed with orange food coloring.

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