Can you grow saffron from seeds? – How To Plant Saffron Bulbs In Pots

October 30, 2020

Some seeds contain some amount of sulfur. Saffron seed comes from the herb Sablona officinalis , which contains small amounts of the alkaloids capsaicin and capsazepine, and sulfur. When I grow my saffron, it is cut into pieces (about a quarter inch each) and placed in a pan or jar. As it is cut off, it forms small little seeds that I cover with paper towels. After a day or two and a half, the pieces of saffron can grow and sprout up a few inches. If you grow saffron for yourself, it will never be better than a cut saffron grown for you, though. A few days after my saffron sprouts, I eat a bunch to get the flavor. If you grow the seeds from the herb itself, then you can do better. Seeds from plants in the family Asteraceae , however, grow without any added acid.

To answer your earlier question about how they feel after eating:

Saffron is not a good tasting food. They get tough quickly. So they should not be eaten.

I use saffron on saffron leaves but not in saffron oil.

I like to make things that will last. I like that the things I make last can last longer than me. Like this “Lemonade Sundae” with a bit of ice cream on top and a little chocolate. Oh, and a blueberry slaw, too. It’s that simple.

I used the traditional “soda straws” as a base for this sundae. I didn’t use anything special to make this one, but I did a couple of things. First, I added an ice cream scooper at the very bottom of my blender and then used a funnel to pour a little ice cream on top. This is just as easy as using a funnel to pour ice cream out of a container. If you have a food processor, this is also a bit easier.

I then added to the bottom of my blender 5 minutes, 5 seconds and then 5 more minutes of my food processor running until the ice cream was nice and thick. If you’re just trying to make ice cream, you can leave this one in longer. I think just to be extra accurate for ice cream, I leave mine in just about 3 minutes total.

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