Can you grow saffron from seeds? – Growing Saffron Crocus In Containers

October 2, 2020

When will you see the saffron in store? What is the cost and how many do you want for this?

It was really hard to find a saffron store. The best thing I could think of was to ask people who can grow saffron in your area. They are everywhere but I don’t know if there are any in Houston.

Do you think it is worth trying to grow saffron from saffron seeds?

I would love to grow saffron from seeds but I am definitely not a saffron fan at all.. I’ve got my eye on saffron from saffron.

We have many ideas of what to come up with. We are looking for suggestions.

Who is the man behind SaFina Saffron – what’s his background?

In 2009 my best friend and I decided we wanted to become Saffron Experts in Houston. We started by studying for the tests for the exams that would be required to become licensed Saffron Master in 2011 when I was 18.

After graduation and while pursuing my second degree, I came home to start studying about saffron in India from my parents for 4 months. After taking 5 more months off, I came back to Houston in Nov 2013.

I was happy coming home after living abroad for so many years and now to be living here for over 7 years is just amazing.

What are you using to start your own venture?

My friends and I started SaFina Saffron with my grandmother and we are still working towards becoming certified.

How do you get the saffron out of the seed?

SaFina Saffron Seeds use a process called Baking SaFina. These procedures are very expensive so most other local seed companies do not offer this service. We try to get one or two local farmers to buy seeds when they see us in an area and then take it out of it’s pod. These farmers need the saffron pods to grow saffron plants so when we are asked to bake the seeds they can tell us exactly what seeds we need. Then at my grandma’s we have a few varieties of seeds that are grown in their garden and we save them for my grandkids to plant at home.

The first time we had our trees in my grandparents garden was in April 2013 when we did our tests. Our trees are just now starting to sprout.

We have

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