Can you eat the saffron threads? – How Many Years Ago Was The First Saffron Planted Seatstir

November 17, 2020

(and not the saffron strands)?

A: You can eat the strands, but you will get an unpleasant taste, so just don’t do it!

Q. Was the idea that the Saffron was poisonous because he ate it?
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A: It was all made up! It was always the other way round because we thought of him as the personification of a fire. The Saffron made him an evil witch, so the idea of him eating the saffron would have been an insult to fire and witches!

Q. How did you introduce the Saffron thread into the story?

A: It was the story of a witch who had lost her life and her son, and so she began to weave a fine thread from the saffron threads into an embroidered garment. They were both the only threads on the fabric, but they did not make any sense together. She also took on a name, and she went out and died in a forest, because she died in the forest because she died in the woods, and this story has now developed into the story of the Saffron thread which we are all supposed to relate to. The embroidered garment is a symbol which suggests that they are one with the forest. But she was also alive while she was weaving, and thus she is alive and does not suffer the death of the thread while she is weaving!

Q. The first part of the second book has you explaining some of the symbols of the first book. Do you see this as a problem? Did this change as you went on to write it?

A: In order to write the first book and to show what happened during the previous two years, we had to explain everything in the first part. But it was not important what we explained, because the world had a history, and in the end a very important part of that history is the present. The first part was all about the present, and now the second part shows what has happened since then. But everything has moved back and the first part is not just about what happened at the beginning, it is also about what has happened since then. So in that way we have to describe everything from the present to the end, but we are also saying as much about the past, too. This change did not occur until after we had finished the first book, but this was not the intention we had when we started.

Q. Did writing the second book affect the way

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