Why are pencils yellow? – Easy Pencil Drawings For Beginners Tutorial

November 15, 2020

How come?”

“They were made yellow by the light. When you go out and look at the sky at night, at least the light would cause the pencils to make a greenish-yellow color. There has been no explanation for why they don’t make a greenish-yellow color. They do in pencils made at the same time—from the same ink. When used with the same ink, the yellowish-white pencil has turned to a greenish-yellow.”

“So why did they become yellow? The first thing we’d do is get it back. That’s what we do with our cars. We fix everything. We give the car a new engine, put in a different axle, but it’s not that important and we don’t want to destroy it. We have an engine factory in the middle of California, and it’s a company that uses very old, old tools. And yet it’s still in operation. A company like that would have no trouble getting yellow back.”
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“No trouble at all. But the yellow was a mistake. It was an attempt to get ahead. It’s the same thing when you think of your own life—you wish to be ahead of people, to be ahead of the crowd. To have a business plan, to have a vision, is just an effort. And it’s dangerous to be ahead of the crowd. If you’re ahead now, people are gonna put in their business plans, and you’ll be laughed at—you’re afraid of catching on. You might even get arrested. You think you’re going to be better off being ahead of the crowd, you know?”

“That’s it! I don’t believe in my own strength. That’s what’s dangerous now—not trying to do better. I know I can’t help what I’m doing. I can’t see how I can see any better than they see now. The crowd’s just there watching. It’s the same thing with the news. They don’t get to see what they want to see, they just see what they’ll go away for and forget.”

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