What makes a drawing a drawing? – Pencil Drawing 3D Scenery

October 13, 2020

A drawing is just what you can get if you have a pen and paper.

Your pencil’s nib, your paper’s background, even the watercolor background are all just shapes, but you can put them into a drawing and it’ll look good.

You can draw on paper, or buy something like this. A pretty good artist makes you use a pen and paper. It doesn’t just sit there and look pretty. You hold it on any surface and it’ll draw anything.

It’s that simple.

How do I know which tool to use for my art?

Don’t rely on the tool you’re used to using.

Your art is going to be different if you try to draw on a cheap piece of paper and then try to draw with gouache. It might look good, but you’ll be better off buying high quality gouache.

You’re better off using the medium that you’re most familiar with.

It’s ok if you draw in gouache to start. Make mistakes, but make sure that you use your artistic brain (a.k.a. sketching) and you will have something to show off in a couple days.

What should I draw first?

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The easiest first is to get your sketchbook going. Draw whatever you want and keep it there until you can draw it on paper.

If you don’t know what any of the tools are, this is a way to find out.

Why am I so bad at getting started?

You’re not just bad at drawing; you’re totally unqualified for this hobby.

This is why it’s good to work with art class. You’ll figure out which tool will be useful for you, but you’ll also learn from it.

You’ll learn how not to start drawing on paper, how you can get the best of it, and how not to make a mistake in your drawing.

You’ll also learn some ways to learn by drawing, like how to make simple lines, get yourself in the mood to draw, get the feel of the drawing, and get your inspiration.

You’re not going to draw on a fancy piece of paper or an old photograph, but you’ll learn how to draw with a brush, a marker or a pencil.

You’ll learn how different brushes make different kinds of drawing, and how to learn what kind of brush best suits your style.

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