What is the softest pencil? – Pencil Drawing Easy Hand

November 27, 2020


It’s a pencil, and it’s also a really, really, really heavy pencil!

It can reach your ears!

Here’s how to tell the difference.

If your pencil is a soft (non-hardened) pencil (the bottom, the soft side, is what is pictured) and you hold it vertically against the skin, there is no difference.

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If your pencil (hardened) is sitting on your fingers, though, the difference is very clear.

Hardened pencils are very stiff and you need to use quite a bit of pressure to get a solid, hard finish on the skin.

Soft pencils have a softness to them that is more in line with the way it feels on the skin. You can use a bit more pressure on the pencil to get a solid finish, but not quite as much as hardened pencils.

It’s the weight

To help differentiate between soft and hard soft and hard soft, consider the texture and weight.

Soft soft pencils are the one with the most surface area, where you can really push with the pencil and get a solid, smooth finish to the skin.

Hard-soft soft/hard-soft pencils are the ones with the least surface area, making it less possible to achieve a solid, smooth finish, but with much more depth on the skin.

The difference is clear.

If a pencil weighs more, and sits on your finger or on a table, the soft soft pencils (with the lightest finish on them) will feel more sensitive to the pressure, and harder to get a solid finish.

And the heavier the pencil, the more the texture will blend together (hard-soft soft will blend together much, much more).

Hard-soft soft pencil:

These are the pencils that come back bright and fresh, and feel like they just came out of the sun! They’re also the ones with the softest finish on them, as compared to the hard-soft hard/hard-soft pencils.

Hard-soft soft/hard-soft pencils:

They come back dull and gray-ish, but with the most amount of surface area and surface tension to go along with it, which makes them come back a little brighter-shiny, if they have some extra sheen, because the surface tension will make them a little brighter at first.


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