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October 7, 2020

The perfect pencil for drawing is a pencil with a smooth, medium-to-fine stub that provides a good balance between drawing pressure and support with a point that won’t scratch. A point that won’t create smudges, and won’t break easily. Also, one with a fairly flat base to make your drawing easier.
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How do you draw a character?

Your character has a facial expression and a voice to describe them. This requires some effort on your part to convey your voice, even if it’s an approximation (I wrote a page detailing the basics of writing a voice before ever thinking about drawing characters.) But once you get the basics down, it gives you a much clearer picture of what you want to draw.

How do I make sure my drawings are sharp?

When I draw, I like to use a fine-tooth brush to keep my pencils sharp. A pointy brush is also helpful for making sure the pen line is well defined. With a pointy brush and a fine-tooth (or medium-to-fine) nib, you’ll be able to use your fine or medium nib and work up that great detail, while keeping your pen’s action very fluid and controlled. The only thing you should be concerned about when using a fine tooth is your pressure – if it is too shallow for the medium nib, it wont show up on your drawing. So, if you want to learn more about this topic, check out this PDF article on writing a line.

How many characters will you draw?

The length of your story will determine how much detail you’ll need. For example, one story I did in the form of a comic book told the story of three people and their love of a girl who was supposed to be one of them. There were several chapters, each about 5 pages. I had four full-color sheets of paper, so I needed at least two or three pages.

I ended up with around 40 pages.

To help with this, I decided to keep a running tally of how many sheets were used to complete each chapter (the end result is a nice table at the end of this article).

What do I need for my drawing?

One of the most important tools when it comes to drawing a character is a ruler. It’s really useful and it’s also quite easy to find at most bookstores. I usually use the size 13 – but the size 11 has worked well for me

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