What is the best pencil for drawing? – 3D Pencil Drawings Of Roses

September 20, 2020

This is a silly question given the wide variety of pencils available. Some pencils are better than others for drawing.

The key is to find a pencil that produces the right amount of shading. If you get a bad pencil, you could use a different one. It only takes a minute of experimentation to pick out your favorite.

A good rule of thumb is to use less than 15% of the full weight of your pencil.

How big is your notebook?

There are two general guidelines for notebooks. The first is to have a medium size, which is about 7 inches by 7 inches by 7 inches. Keep your notebook at about 5 in (12.52 cm) long. If you have a notebook with multiple pages, divide the length of the page by the number of pages. If you have two pages, divide the length of each page by 2.4 (4 in) instead of the 1.5 recommended for the first one.

How comfortable are your paper and pencils while working?

One of the basic requirements to be successful as a artist is to be comfortable with drawing in a wide variety of mediums and on a wide variety of paper.

We do not recommend paper that will weigh more than 12 oz (355 g) or pencils that weigh more than 2 oz (57 g), both of which weigh more than 6 oz (161 g).

If you cannot manage your pencils comfortably, consider switching to some other type of drawing paper, such as the A3-size dotpoint, A6-size dotpoint, A4-size dotpoint, or a combination of the two and a water-based ink for some quick shading.

What is your favorite color?

An important characteristic of a great illustrator is a distinct palette. We often use two or three colored pencils for the majority of our projects (except for some special pieces for sale on the site). These two colors, red and blue, are the dominant palette on most projects.

We have done some artwork that uses an abundance of color including penciled work for sale at our store, but we feel this is just too prevalent a style. We think we could benefit by focusing more on other forms of color. For example, using colors of the hues blue and orange.

What is the best color for a light touch?

The best color for use on a light touch is blue or silver (the darkest).


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