What is pencil illustration?

August 3, 2020

A pencil illustration is a simple way of adding depth and variation to a piece. It is like a painter showing you a painting of his own drawings but with a different look:

The way these pencil illustrations work is by allowing you to draw the characters from a first-person, 3D point of view.

It is easier to draw from a first-person perspective because you know the characters so well, and they are also on a different size (think: different height and length).

Also note how the pencil sketches are very detailed, and the artists use the technique often.

The illustration:


Pencil drawing of the character:

I like the way this picture looks and I’m sure you’ll like it too. The pencil sketch is still very faithful to the original but the depth and variation are quite noticeable.

I also like the way the shading is used throughout the entire illustration, and the way it works as a background. Because the original character is standing still, it was easier for me to use it as a background for the illustration. With these two techniques, each artist had to work for their own individual way.

The pencil pencil illustration:

The character sketch:

The 3 and 4, 5 and 6:

The 6:

The 3 & 4:

The pencils and pencil artworks, used differently by different artists:

What the pencil drawings and pencil illustrations could look like on a real book cover:

I’m sure you also like it.

If you liked this illustration, then you’ll love the following illustration:

The following is a pencil sketch done by an artist. The technique of drawing is very similar to that of a true pencil illustration but it still has its own signature style:

If there was a pencil illustration that has something to say, then “The Art of Picking Flowers” would be one book that would make you think! The art is simple, it is clear and the colors are well matched!

The artwork on the book cover could really have all the characters together on a single, beautiful book cover.

The drawing on the cover:

And the final illustration after I finished the book cover:

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