What is live sketching? – Pencil Drawing Images Wallpaper

August 15, 2020

Where is it?

Live sketching has two parts: live sketch and on-set interview. We shoot on location in front of a live audience at home. The video is usually a compilation of three or more of our sketches, with audio and/or narration to fill in the pauses or gaps in the video.

What do I do with the footage?

Once a live recording is complete, we send that to the studio who will film and edit the live sketch using video and/or editing. Any audio in the video remains the property of the studio and is used only if the studio requests.

We are a small team of highly skilled talent and have put lots of time into making our videos. With your support and generous donations, we can provide you with the quality of work you want, in the time and budget you require.

Thank you for your time.

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