What is difference between drawing and sketching? – Simple Colored Pencil Drawings Blending

November 22, 2020

It can be the difference between an amazing painting or a boring design sketch.

Drawing is about exploring and putting all your creative effort where it counts. The best way to do this is with the camera and paper.

If you’re like me and you’re in an idealist phase that’s what your best work is, then you know that sketching is all about using the light, the environment and your brain to find unique ideas.

When you’re doing sketches the same process goes on like this.

The important point is that it makes you more flexible! Instead of drawing as if everything’s already designed, sketching like a madperson to find new, unexpected ideas.

3. Sketching is fun.

You’re doing good if you’re excited about seeing something new, even if they’re just ideas. Some good ideas start out as bad ones and you don’t want that to ever happen. The other thing is that you’ll be less tempted to take those bad ones and start sketching over them, and then you might make great sketching mistakes in the process.

4. Sketching is the best way to learn.

A good sketch always contains a lot of details that don’t show up well on a page, so it will always end up with a more interesting painting than a boring sketch. It’s also the best way to learn something new.

Don’t worry about how it sounds when I say that your sketches will eventually take a back seat to a good painting. They will. The important point now is that you’re not working on a grid, so you’ll be able to explore the sketchbook and see what surprises your brain presents.

5. Sketching is the best way to learn about colors.

Color can be the most important thing to look at when doing sketches. Colors have to be in a specific order for the drawing to be beautiful. There always needs to be some element that has been chosen to help you connect to the world around you.

Drawing is about trying out new things, and it will always help if that element is something that you find interesting or exciting. But if you just want to explore colors then take it from there.

6. Sketching, like art, is an innate thing.

I’m not sure why anyone would think that the world of art, even if it is created by human beings, needs to be any different. It’s simply something that just naturally

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