What is difference between drawing and sketching? – Pencil Sketch Drawing Easy For Beginners

October 29, 2020

The answer is that drawing and sketching are two different techniques to draw and a good example to show this. In drawing, you must use your imagination in order to create something that you like; you have to let your imagination run wild since you can’t control how things look or feel. On the other hand, when drawing we have a limited space with only a tiny amount of time to do so. Because our fingers are not moving as efficiently as they are in our sketching, a sketch is a more natural way to draw.

Do you know how to do a cartoon? What do you call those things that are really funny because you don’t notice it?

In cartoons it is the artist who created them. It’s up to you to find out about them and see if we can make fun of them. This is the reason why we must make fun of them to get them out there. But for that a cartoon is a work of fiction.

What are your favorite cartoons of all time?

When I was young I loved to draw all kinds of cartoons. I remember drawing lots of cartoon characters such as the Hulk and Spider-Man, which are really funny. But I was not one of those who could draw all kinds of cartoons because when I was on a trip I had to use the telephone to call my cousin who was away from home. But when he called back he kept giving me cartoons so I decided to give them a shot. As I began drawing, I learned that we must draw with such precision that we cannot see every bit of the world we are seeing or imagining. Also, there is a danger that we may create an illusion that it was a real cartoon.

Where is your favorite place to live and where do you go for your vacation?

The most expensive vacation is usually to Spain. That’s my family’s country and where I go there for a vacation. But it is only my family and not my friend who goes there. It’s all my cousins who travel there.

What is your favorite food outside of Germany?

Kohlrabi. To my family it means soup and it is a favorite food in my family. It’s always in our table in Germany.

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