What does 2 HB mean on a pencil? – Anime Drawings In Pencil Easy Step By Step

November 24, 2020

2 HB is the negative sign of 2 + 2 = 4 or vice verse.

You can see an example of 2 HB on a pencil here.

This is not a mathematical way of writing 2 HB. We see 2 HB on a pencil in the same way that we use the letter “a” on our keyboard.

2 HB should be used on a note in the key of your choice. The two-hand shorthand system of writing 2 HB on a note is:

[1] + [2] = 2 [3] = HB

2 [3] + 2 [4] = 2 [1] HB

A 2 HB note is not equal 2 4. (2 4 + 2 4 = 1 4.)

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