What do you call a drawing of a person? – Graphite Or Pencil Drawing Techniques For Kids

November 14, 2020

What do you call a drawing of a family? Or a picture of two people? I just think that they’ve taken our word and it’s turned into something that’s not even worthy of being called a drawing … I would like to know what the term comes from. (Applause.)

My question is: why is the word ‘family’ not included in the language of art? Why is the word ‘family’ not included in the language of art?

What about painting? Is that a family? (Applause.) I want to know how do you talk about a man that has got a family? I don’t believe that, and I think I’m gonna give you a good idea. I was once asked if I would consider painting a portrait of the president, and I decided that I would make it a portrait, of course, and make sure they know that I’m putting it in the cabinet. (Scattered applause.) I would be happy to. That’s a good idea! (Applause.)

I have also said, though I’ve only been talking from the perspective of a painter, and I would like to say I’m not a bad painter, just not the greatest, but I don’t think I would do much to change what they have. I think that, in this country, you have to pay attention to what’s on the back of a bottle. So, it’s a lot of hard work to become a very good artist. (Applause.)

I will tell you this: I have a very good friend of mine at the New York Times. He gave me a letter, I guess was from a New Yorker, and it says: “You used a lot of French words when you wrote for Vanity Fair, and they look good on your website.” It was a letter from a young woman, in her mid-20s. She said she had just finished reading your book, and she didn’t get where he was going with it. (Laughter.) It just doesn’t seem to me that a great artist would be using French vocabulary. (Laughter.) I mean, how does he write that way? They’re all just a bunch of nonsense, man. (Laughter and applause.)

So this brings me back to the first question I asked you about your career and the role of the Times. You’ve spoken of the importance of the New York Times. That’s true, and it’s a good thing that’s true. The

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