What are the 3 types of pencil? – Pencil Drawing Artwork Pics

September 13, 2020

I want to see what the differences are between the 3 main types of pencils I use. Here are some of my favorites. Some of these are my absolute favorites.

Razorpencils: The Razor Pencil (A1):

This pencil has great straight lines and is super bright. These are probably my 2 favorite pencils.

Titank Pencils (A2):

These are a bit too bright for my taste, but they are great to sketch in on a dark canvas.

Crayola Pencils are the same way: They are brighter than the A1 pencils, but not as vibrant as your standard Sharpie line.

Tiffany Pencils are definitely my favorite of all the pencils. They have the best curves and have a nice matte finish. They were probably my favorite pencil until I started using them. My only complaint is that it looks a little bit too yellow and orange. I think the new #4 is about the most amazing pencil around, but the Tiffany pencils are definitely my favorite.

How do I get my black and blue notebooks and pens?

This question seems to get asked a lot. My advice is to get a blue notebook with yellow covers, white inks and a red cover.

I use black notebooks with red covers and pink inks. My black notebooks are a bit heavier and more delicate than the black notebooks with yellow covers. Therefore, in my opinion, I prefer these notebooks. Yellow notebooks are a perfect everyday everyday writing companion. Blue notebooks are perfect for my sketching workbooks.

Here are a few of my favorite blue notebooks:

What do I use for my blue notebooks?

My favourite is the Farrow & Ball notebook! It is perfect to write on during a lecture and to sketch in while doing presentations. If I need to go back, I just pull out one of the old red ones and copy from it too.

Sketching Ideas For Beginners at PaintingValley.com ...
Here is my current favourite Farrow & Ball blue notebook with a red cover, pink inks and a pink cover:

Do I use the same pen for everything?

It depends. I don’t like the Noodler’s or Moleskine pens for my black and white notebooks. I have had so many pens that I have just had to start using a new pen for each project.

A pen that I use is really good for sketching and for writing things down

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