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October 8, 2020


If you need a top quality, high end pencil which costs less than $10, why not pick either of the standard standard pencils on Amazon.com?
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For starters, Amazon.com and Apple are already owned by the same guy. However, they have completely different styles of notebooks. Apple books are pretty awesome. Amazon.com books have decent, but not very good, materials. They are much more expensive than the “standard” standard pencils which you already have in stock and can use.

So, pick the one you like. Buy as many as you need. It’s probably easier to find the one from the catalog where the catalog company sells one, but be careful. If you have a good luck and find one at a good price, go ahead and buy it, but be ready to spend a little bit more.

To top it off, both Amazon books are sold at the manufacturer’s suggested retail price so, as a matter of fact, they are less expensive than the regular pencils in the collection you are buying. They are also not subject to warranty or any other type of warranty, as they were not originally manufactured with warranty in mind.

For more information about the Amazon.com standard pencil, as well as some general information on various premium pencil lines from the rest of the world, click this link. The Amazon.com pencil that I am using is the FUJIFILM #8, a great pencil for many purposes including, but not limited to, drawing and writing. It has a standard #8 lead.

To learn more about the FUJIFILM company, the pencil line they created in the early days, and the pencils that are available in Europe and other places on the Internet, click this link.

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