Is a mechanical pencil a #2 pencil? – Pencil Drawing Definition

August 29, 2020

A mechanical pencil is not one of the “two” pencils. When you see an “E” in pencils, it’s an extra-wide line. It has the same length as an “A” at the pencil tip, but it has a narrower tip.

What is the difference between a mechanical pencil and a mechanical pencil eraser?

Eraser is the same as a mechanical pencil eraser. The distinction is that a mechanical eraser keeps pencils “clean” and makes them easier to write with in the water of the fountain pen. In that way, I don’t think you can make a mechanical pencil. You might be able to make a pencil that would be a #1 line feed (and I would never argue with you on that), but you’d have to be extremely lucky to get one that’s a #2 line feed.

If you’ve ever tried to write on a mechanical pencil (or eraser), the erasing mechanism in a mechanical pencil has been more closely compared to the mechanism in a paper eraser than a mechanical pencil. I’m no fan of paper erasers, but I do agree with you on this: mechanical pencil erasers take the cake. (In fact, when you see the word “eraser,” don’t even think of a mechanical pencil)

Some of the people who write with mechanical pencils say they’d want to replace their mechanical pencil erasers with an electronic device to “switch them on” when they put in a new pen or pencil. But is this really so different than a paper eraser? A paper eraser has a hole through the plastic, where the pencil eraser would be. So the holes are not nearly as important.

Doesn’t a mechanical pencil eraser “slip” when writing?

This question sounds simple, but many mechanical pencil erasers have no “slip” mechanism whatsoever. On many pens or pencils, they just have a metal cap that goes around the sides of the pen. The cap is secured by a spring. Some mechanical pencil erasers don’t have any “slip” mechanism, but some come with spring-loaded rubber heels. There does seem to be a difference in ability to slip and where “slip” takes place. If this issue is important to you, try a different mechanical pencil eraser before you buy one. If you decide to buy a pencil or a pen with a mechanical pencil eraser, look at the manufacturer’s website to see

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