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October 20, 2020

Is your drawing always protected?

What can you do to protect your pencil?

How to protect your pencil

1. Use a high grade protective paper such as water-based protective paper (I use a water-based protective paper as it’s very absorbent and easy to clean. It’s also very long lasting).

2. Use a permanent marker that you’ll want to remove afterwards.

3. When you draw on the paper, it’s essential that you use a high quality pencil or marker. A small pocket sized marker or pencil will do the job.

4. Make sure that your pencil is inked in the shade (or a fluorescent light is helpful on low light scenes).

5. Keep the pencil in a place where it can be exposed to light. If you use colored pencils, you will need to wear a white shirt to ensure safe exposure of the pencil.

6. You can use a dark cloth to protect a pencil.

7. Have an extra piece of paper or cloth handy when you need it and always have a pen in hand for your drawings.

Protecting a drawing. Protecting a drawing with a permanent marker.

1. When I am working on my drawings, I typically draw on each piece of paper separately and then I make a large square of paper that I’ll need to cover. I then make another large square of paper so that I can continue drawing on that one piece of paper. I then take one end of that square of paper that I’ve made and mark a pencil point with the pen (or a small pencil sharpener). I then use this same method to make another one of those two large squares, with the other piece of paper being the background. I then start marking my points, which is the drawing’s main use and the point of my drawing.

2. Then I then use a permanent marker to add a mark and keep marking until I get to my desired area of the drawing.

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3. If I am having trouble getting a decent line, it usually looks better with permanent marker applied, rather than with a pencil.

4. I tend to use the same exact piece of paper in each drawing to avoid having to adjust the paper and draw on it multiple times after each drawing.

5. You can use a lighter touch with a permanent marker, rather than a larger permanent one. I find that it’s easier to make small pencil marks with a bigger permanent marker

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