How do you protect a pencil drawing? – Easy Colored Pencil Drawings Dresses Easy

October 5, 2020

You’d have to protect it. As long as it’s not the pencil, if it’s in paper, or if you want to protect it with a permanent or flexible coating- like with a water-based or waxed paper. A good protective solution (even if it doesn’t stay clear), and a good way to preserve your pencil.

Do you have tips for the “beginner” on how to protect a pencil drawing?

Yes and no. I would say:

– First start with a good protective solution.

– When you’re working on small parts, use something you can easily put on.

– If you need to remove a big part like a tree trunk, that’s a better idea.

I’ve seen you use paper, but I’m assuming the paper would have been wet with ink, or a liquid, or it would have been in a liquid form. How do you know if a paper is safe to use and does that affect water quality?

Yes, you’d need to test it to find out. Some papers can come out a bit dry even though you applied the paper. In that situation, you can use a water-based solution. Water-based liquid solutions can hold a long time like water-based paints.

There’s also been recent news coming out with the EPA asking paper makers to test their water-based solutions for lead, and that means that it could even be dangerous to use paper, and they are testing for lead. That’s a huge concern for me for this industry. I don’t know what to think. I don’t do a lot of paper. But I do use pencil and I don’t even use a water-based marker to draw, or something like that. If it’s lead, that would be a big concern.

Do you know about the chemicals in water-based ink and how it affects the properties of the paper?

What if you could get around the issue of lead and water? That would certainly make some things more convenient, but I think as long as the ink itself is pure- just water and ink in water, then that’s fine. People may not like that.

What else do you do with a pencil?

I paint. I do my nails. I like to do my hair. My daughter paints all of my hair.

What else do you like to do with your hands? Anything you’d like to add?

I love

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