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November 12, 2020

The answer is a pretty simple one: The eye shape is formed by the corners of the eye, the pupil, and the pupil-like region called the lens of the eye. But this only works if your eye is not very round.

How round your eye shape is does not make much difference to your design—the shapes of the lines on the image are still the same.

How to Create an Eyebrow

Your first step is to set up a rectangular grid that is approximately 30″ wide by 45″ high. Now add the three points and corner lines described above to the grid, as shown in this example.

The eye position and shape of the first point should not be too different from the point position and shape of the second point. The eye of the second point should be approximately the center of the circle, centered about 60″ from the lower edge of the circle.

When the eye is placed on the grid, draw the third point starting at a point 5″ from the lower edge of the circle. With this point you have two options — either start from the bottom or top edge of the circle, whichever is closer to the actual distance in between the points.

You may have already drawn the third point, and then moved your eye to the third point before the second point to ensure even placement of the three points. If that is the case, you can move the eye to the third point when your eye becomes centered, or the line will be very thin where the first point is.

The third point should be positioned on the lower edge of the eye, and the second point should be placed at the lower edge of the center of the circle.

Continue to draw all the points from the bottom in a very thin line along the upper edge of the circle. It’s very important to not make any big adjustments when drawing the lines. The shape of the eye is not going to really change. The lines will be the same.

Now draw a line in the middle of each point to create a notch, as shown below.

Continue to draw the outer corners to match the shape of the eye.

At this point you have something like this:

Now it’s time to create the eye outline. Create a circle around the edge of the eye and draw one corner between any two points. Make sure the first point is centered on the eye and the second point is not closer than 60″ from the right edge of the circle, or you

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