How do you draw a head? – Pencil Art

August 24, 2020

It’s the most simple thing I’ve ever done,” he says, pointing to his head, then his upper body, and then outwards at the ceiling, as if he should be doing it. “I want to have a very clear idea in my mind so that I could immediately take a picture, without thinking. With the mirror and the pencil, and all the rest of it.”

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He was already a bit into video games and animation and had recently begun writing animated short films, and he decided, while eating his chicken salad sandwiches, that he had to have a head of his own.

“For a while, I was planning on using video games to animate my own head but, since videogames do not animate in that way, I decided I might as well have a head of my own,” he says, gesturing to his head and shoulders, and then his face.

The first head, on his own, was a real head, which he drew with an acrylic pen. “As I was drawing, I had to adjust the angle so that the eyes were not in line with my eye, so that they didn’t look like they were looking down at me. This had to be done every once in a while, to make sure my head did not look a bit crazy.”

As time went on, the head became more realistic, especially around his mouth and chin, and some new wrinkles appeared, as if he were getting used to having a head, it turned into an avatar and a head. “All this happened in a week”, says Dostoyevsky.

The next challenge was figuring out what the head really looks like, with all its complex movements and shapes and colors. This required him to build an animation pipeline, where he could create a model of the head with different textures and then use that model as a reference for the actual head, which, for Dostoyevsky, meant creating multiple models at the same time. “All of them should have the exact same weight, the same texture, so there can’t be any kind of difference between them.”

After creating the models, Dostoyevsky had to use them in real time, but to make it easier, he created another rig for the head, a piece of rubber that would stay in its position as it moved. “It’s very precise”, he says. “You have to put a piece of rubber in your hand and you have to move it as perfectly as possible.” “If

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