How can I be good at sketching? – How To Give A Drawing Lesson

August 28, 2020

I have a sketchbook; I just take it everywhere” I had this crazy idea to give this a try‚Ķ I could take my sketchbook with me everywhere. My sketchbook is my notebook (so I’m kind of like that) and my sketchbook is my sketchbook.

Here are some quick reasons why you should have a sketchbook of some type. It will make it easier to draw, will draw the sketch with much more confidence, and help us to get better at sketching.

One reason to have a sketchbook is you may not only do it on paper and not have to worry about sketching on computer but also having a sketchbook will make it easier to sketch on your computer and to be able to draw well on the computer (a big plus for sketching).

It helps you learn to develop the muscles you need to be able to draw quickly and to be able to draw anything you want to draw.

It is also really easy to get good at drawing. In order to make a better impression you want to practice a lot. That is why sketchbooks are so great.

If it gets messy with your sketchbook then you can always take your sketchbook with you around. Just don’t use a computer/laptop to do drawings on.

It keeps you organized and keeps you motivated to get better.

It makes you appreciate your life for its art.

I had this in my sketchbook when I was doing my first 3D work. I always had a sketchbook but I didn’t have a pen. I’m now a solid pencil/pencil sketchner. So I decided that I can’t continue with my usual “doodles first” approach anymore with my drawings. I thought about having a sketchbook and now I am glad to do it. My drawings have been much easier, and I am even getting better at sketching since having a sketchbook.

If you want to see more about my journey towards sketchbook self improvement click here to follow my journey to sketchbook progress.

I would like to share my first sketchbook with you guys.

There are 7 color pencils and 6 inks in here (4 permanent color pencils and one for use with a temporary pencil) plus some pens from my sketchbook that I use to draw stuff like “wet paint” and watercolors.

If you want to see other pictures of my drawings from time to time you can follow my

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