How can I be good at sketching? – Basic Pencil Drawing Techniques Pdf Download

October 1, 2020

If you don’t sketch then you are a complete beginner. Don’t expect to be able to sketch a full sized painting without a sketchbook, or a pen/pencil/paper. Even better, take a picture of what you are drawing, or make some sort of collage in your sketchbook, or write something out and sketch it on a piece of notepaper. Take as many as you need!

A lot of people have the mistaken belief that drawing is something done on paper, but it isn’t. A great way to learn to sketch is to actually go inside some sketch books. You can get a lot of great things to learn just with the way the artist looks at their sketchbooks. It will be really helpful as you continue to learn, and will be of great benefit to your craft in your future life, for sure!

A really good sketchbook is always something like a sketchpad. Sketchbooks can be anywhere, but I prefer to use a computer to do sketching. If you do sketching on a piece of paper like a notebook, do not let the paper dry out. I like to dry things off in a large bag.
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The trick to being good at sketching is taking big risks and creating something that is out of your comfort zone. I have had great friends that made a very big splash with a concept that wasn’t theirs, but they have gone on to make some amazing, sometimes crazy, work. They are very proud of their work. Sometimes, though, you just have to make a sketch book to learn to be a bit calmer.

How do I finish drawings quickly?

When I first started to sketch, I would try to finish a drawing in a matter of seconds and then let the drawing dry out. That just doesn’t work. You need to work on the drawing, not the drawing itself. Do not give up because you don’t have a good enough hand to complete it. As an artist, that is just terrible. So, once you get that down, start working with the pen, pencil, or some type of paint.

If you are a painter and you aren’t starting with a painting, don’t be embarrassed about painting, start from scratch, without too much paint. I have seen some really good art that was done using only a simple red pencil and a plain sketchbook.

What is the best piece of artwork you have never seen before that you really wish you had seen?

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