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October 17, 2020

I’m not sure; I’m a bit of a collector of graphite!

What is your view on the future of the automobile?

Of course all automobiles will have driver assist and self-parking, but with all due respect to Mr. Tatsumi, these have been the pre-eminent inventions of the automotive industry, and I doubt they are going away anytime soon. I would love to drive one of these things. It seems silly asking, but would you have one in the back yard, for example?

Do you live in the U.S.?

No; I live in Japan.

Do you like movies?

Yes, although I am more of a horror movie person than a western. I like the films of John Frankenheimer and William Castle.

Do you have your own style?

I like to keep it simple.

What do you do in your free time?

I go hiking in Honshu. I live only a couple of hours from Tokyo, so I like to visit the places I grew up. I’ve had a blast.

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Where would you like to go on vacation with your family?

I would like to go visit some places in the U.S. I am still looking at some U.S.-visited places, for example the mountains of Kentucky or the Great Plains. I’ve been to Texas many times. I have a great time in the backcountry of the Midwest. I would like to visit some of the sites that my great-grandfather visited.

Thank you.

A new study claims that smoking weed was no safer than not having the habit.

This is not surprising, given that the research is based on data collected between 1996-2005, and found that the rates of cardiovascular disease, asthma and cancer remained relatively stable among marijuana smokers.

However, as the headline explains, the study is “the first study to document the association between marijuana use and death from cardiovascular disease, stroke and cancer.”

But while it did find that current users do tend to have less cardiovascular disease — even without taking into account the harms of secondhand marijuana smoke — the report found little evidence that current marijuana use has a link to increased cancer rates.

The authors wrote:

The association was driven mainly by smoking status and tobacco use in the multivariate analyses and thus cannot be entirely driven by marijuana use.

For a related analysis, see the

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