Can you erase graphite pencil? – Pencil Drawing Images Of Village Girl

November 2, 2020

Nope, that’s a trick used by some people to erase graphite pencil.

How the heck does one erase graphite pencil?

You can use a regular metal pencil or use a special graphite pencil. The metal pencil comes with a pencil that is very flat and can be easily removed after a single use. The special one is very round and has a pencil in place of the eraser head so that when you place the eraser head on the graphite the eraser itself is also erased.

Did you know?

It is illegal to put a nail in the chalkboard. It is also illegal to place your hand over your hand until the pencil is fully erased from the paper.

So which should I use?

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If you are using regular pencils (not graphite pencil) then you should use regular chalk. It does not matter which you use because the erasing will be done on the paper only. However, if you are using a special pencil with a eraser that can be easily lifted from outside the paper then choose your pencil carefully and be consistent. It is very hard to follow the instructions on each graphite pencil.

How many graphite pencils will I need?

It depends on whether you need to remove the eraser and put a new one in place for which the eraser will disappear under the paper, or if there are more than one eraser.

To remove the eraser and put a new eraser in position:

Clean the erasers inside out of the pencil

Take the old pencil and lay it out on a table or counter.

If the pencil is graphite in colour (like graphite red) then the ink will be completely absorbed by the graphite and you will need more erasers for the new pencil.

If the pencil is white then the graphite ink will be completely soaked in ink. If that is the case then you might have to use an additional pencil. For example, if you can find white graphite pencil – you will probably need even more erasers than for an eraser with black ink (white with ink).

Do you really need two erasers?

No it doesn’t. One eraser will be enough to erase any graphite ink. It is just that you can see an area if you need more than one eraser. If you want to erase a lot of ink then you need to have more than two erasers

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