Why violin is the hardest instrument? – Easy Violin Tutorial For Beginners

November 23, 2020

It is said that the violin is the hardest one on earth because of its extreme physical weight. It is impossible to carry on the strings when they are worn out. In fact, a violinist can’t carry out any of the operations normally performed on the strings even when you take away his shoes or the strings from his feet. This means that the string is almost like an empty battery. It is also extremely difficult to play if there are any problems.

What is the most important thing you must learn about the violin?

Practice, practice, practice to make your performances even stronger and more powerful than before. Try to take your music to the next level.

If you had to choose just one instrument to learn, which one would you pick?

It depends. For starters, I love the violin. I think it is a lot like a real guitar. This is because the sound, in our case, comes from the strings that are not attached to them and the body of the instrument itself. The violin is also a great instrument to study if you want to have this kind of sound. Besides that, the cello is very important as it plays a lot of the strings and makes it sound like a guitar.
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What is the craziest thing you have ever done as an orchestra member?

What is a crazy thing I have never done in the orchestra? The most interesting thing as an orchestra member is the idea of working only a few hours a day. We take two days to rehearse with the music, two days to practice and have rehearsals, but that will also give us four or if we have two nights, one night with the orchestra, so we will have several hours of rehearsal at least every week. The orchestra also prepares one performance every year. For this, we have a team that does the prelude, which is the opening line of the song we are playing. So after rehearsing with the band, it is possible to do more rehearsal. If I think the prelude is too long, I can ask the orchestra to extend it, or if we have two songs, I can call a rehearsal group because I have one more song already prepared as well. This means that after a month of rehearsals I am ready to perform the concert to get better, which means I have better ideas about the music and the sound I have in the beginning.

What advice would you give to young players?

When I was in London performing as an orchestra, I always

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