Why violin is so expensive? – How To Learn Piano Notes Of Song

September 25, 2020

I really like the sound of violin and I don’t know why it costs so much.

The reason is that every violin player wants to play really good, but there is a lot of practice. It’s good, but I like to play less than 20 hours per month.

When I play violin, I think what does it feel like? When I play viola, it really feels like I’m going along with a wind.

So I would say it’s kind of relaxing?

Yeah! And that’s why it’s expensive. But I can play 10 hours a day and still get so many fine notes. It’s the best of both worlds; you play when you want to but your brain stays asleep.

So I would say it’s very different with a cello. When I play cello, I feel like my body might be screaming and my mind is asleep.

How do you keep your mind awake during cello music?

I usually play for about 50 minutes so all the ideas I get in my head I put in my mouth. They are like little pills that I swallow, so they keep coming to my head more than I think.

I think that’s important since if you don’t have your thoughts, your mind will stay asleep?

Yeah. That’s pretty important.

Can you play the violin for long periods without being tired?


How fast can you keep all your notes? Are there intervals, arpeggios, triplets and things like that?

Yeah, it comes much quicker than I thought.

What’s it’s like being a cello player? Are the things you learn easier on cello?

Oh, they are pretty simple. There are only certain things I have to learn and it takes a lot of time to learn them.

You also have to practice for a long period of time because you have to learn something every week, right?

Yeah, but I feel there is a very big difference in time since I am on the cello. I play for a long time without a rest, like every five days like a year. That is the most time you get.

That’s really exciting. Can you play in different styles?

Yeah, of course. One of my biggest challenges on cello is to learn it and play it different styles. But not in one. You have to be careful what to do with

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