Why is violin the hardest instrument? – Learn Violin Strings

September 20, 2020

It could be an answer. Perhaps it’s because violinist’s minds wander and there are no rules about how it’s best to play. (Or maybe it’s because people feel uncomfortable in front of a violin.)

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An estimated one in four people is affected by depression and anxiety, and more than 15 million adults have suffered a breakdown, says the study published today in the Journal of Psychosomatic Research.

The findings suggest that a major breakthrough in mental health may eventually involve finding better ways to prevent, treat and even reverse a potentially devastating condition.
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For example, a study that followed 1,000 men in the London NHS hospital from 1990-2000 showed that nearly 1 in 5 – 24% – was still suffering from a mental illness.

A study of more than 8,000 patients with severe depression who were treated between 2005-2008 in New Zealand, published today in the Journal on Clinical Psychology, found that nearly 50% had never been fully treated.

Dr Andrew Batson, who led the New Zealand research, said: “There is no cure for depression but these findings are a starting point for further mental health research from our laboratory.

“We are also learning that many people with severe depression have other medical conditions – such as chronic pain, heart disease and diabetes – which could have contributed to their difficulties.

“Our understanding of how the brain responds to depression helps us develop new treatments and we hope that improved treatments will reduce or end the disability.”

The study, conducted at the University of Auckland, was carried out in a representative sample of New Zealanders between the ages of 21 to 49 years old, and involved interviewing 6,000 men as part of a cohort study, where a representative sample was selected for the population according to their socio-demographic profile.

Almost one in five people – 21% – had experienced a mental health disorder in the past year, and almost one in two of those with a diagnosis of depression had not tried to treat their depression, but simply ignored symptoms in a bid to be ‘normal’.

People with severe depression were also significantly younger, with 42% being under 45 years old, compared with 15% in the general population.

“This suggests we need to understand the underlying reasons for the association of health problems with depression,” said Dr Batson. “We need to determine whether factors such as age, gender or other illness risk factors

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