Why is my violin not making any sound? – Learn Violin Beginner Lesson 6 Homework 5

September 29, 2020

It’s a mechanical defect, meaning it has stopped working. No sound.

This is not a very common condition and many violinists just take it well. However, if it persists and you notice an awful sound whenever you play, then your violin might be in really bad shape. That’s because your violin’s body has very little mass and in a normal violin, when your hand rests on the tuner, the wood of the instrument’s body causes some vibration inside the instrument. If you take your hand off the top of your instrument and slide it down on the top of other parts of the body of violin, you can feel the vibration. You can even feel it on the inside of the tuner.

If you play a difficult piece and your violin doesn’t sound like it should, then the reason may mean that the wood of your violin contains imperfections that can’t be repaired.

So is a faulty wood causing bad sounds?

In theory, yes. In practice, no.

The main reason why your instrument will not sound like it should is likely because of structural defects in the wood used for the strings. The strings are made of wood so it’s difficult to make them sound very good. But there are different kinds of structural defects found in different types of wood. In general, structural defects in materials will give the most accurate sound but will also decrease the life of a violin.

Most of the time, structural defects in a violin stem from the wood itself, which means that even if the wood is free of all those structural defects, the strings will not work.

Sometimes, structural defects may be found in the tuner of the instrument. If you place two pieces of wood under tension in the same way, the string will bend on the one and break on the other. However, if the two pieces of wood are connected via a string-tensioner, the two pieces of wood may never meet and the string will not bend.

This means there is no permanent fix for structural defects in the string construction of a violin. Instead, the string will probably become weaker, since the strings make up the whole of the instrument. Additionally, if you play too fast, then the sound quality may decrease.

The sound quality does not disappear if a violin falls apart. Even if the wood is a non-stable wood, like maple, laminated wood or even mahogany, the strings will still be sound.

Why has the strings of

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