Why is my violin not making any sound? – Learn Piano At Home

November 6, 2020

In the absence of sound, your amp will respond like a static amp. If, for example, you play music, it will feel like you want to hit the strings. This is the action your guitar is making while playing. Your guitar will respond like a static amp when the strings are being played. If you hit the strings, all the sound will be produced. This is why you should always play with your amp on when you’re recording for the first time.

If you’re not playing any of the strings, you should turn the sound on for several seconds and then wait for it to come back to full volume so then you will be more in tune with the instrument. You should also have the sound go through the amp as normal to get the best sound.

If you do happen to have a violin in your room, you can record it without needing to turn the sound on. Just bring the strings up to the right fret on a solid acoustic. You can listen to the sound with the volume raised as much as you want, and when you turn off the sound it will return to it’s normal level. This means you can play the violin again with full volume when needed.

How does the amp respond to the sounds coming through my amp?

Because the sound is moving back and forth in the same direction, the effects of the sound will be exactly like listening to it on your stand. The effect will be exactly the opposite of the sound coming through your guitar and/or mixing board.

You will hear the sound of the amp and also the sound coming from your amp’s amp socket being mixed. So if your guitar is on the left, and your amp is on the right, this is what your sound will be like:

If you hear the same sound coming from your soundboard and your amp when used in the same order, you know that the sound is coming from the right, not from the left guitar.

This is because of your amp.

When I turned my sound off, did my amp come back to full volume?

Yes, your amp should still sound like it used to.

This means you did not use too much power to get the sound from your guitar.

If a note is played on the low end of your amp, there may be some distortion created on that note. However, you should still hear a full sound at your headphones on your amp.

For example: When you play a violin tune

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