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November 19, 2020

A lot of the time we hear a bass instrument is not really “in tune.” Think back to when we were children. Even in a very old age we had the musical ability of hearing and playing something with a very slight bend. In that time, we would just move an arm like “it”.

Well, these days the violin is not just a “gimmick.” It really has its own sound so it really is the instrument that is in tune with itself. Not only in the case of a bass guitar but bass-drums, bass-trombone, bassoon, bass guitar, bass-trombone etc. In many instruments the sound is not just produced by moving an arm but instead it is actually something that you are feeling around with your hands. It would also be a sound you are “feeling around” from inside your brain, like how your brain senses sound.

What is a “harmonic scale”?

A harmonic scale is basically a scale consisting of four notes which form an octave (that is the most commonly used octave). A great deal is still debated about the concept of a “harmonic scale’ but we will leave that topic for the time being. If you are interested in learning the rules to how to identify a natural harmonic scale, a great resource that will help you is the harmonic spectrum.

In the harmonics, two notes of one octave sound the same. The scale above is in A minor on the 7th fret of the guitar.

Which of the following is an Amin-A#9 scale ?

Major chord (Amin-A#9/A#)

C Major chord (C#9/C#)

C# Major chord (Amin-A#)

Major/Chord (D9/D#10)

C Major chord (C#9/C#)

C Major chord (Amin-A#)

What’s the difference between a C major chord and a C minor chord ?

When we say a C major chord is C , what we mean by that is a C major chord is a C major chord. However, a C minor chord is not C : it is just a C.

If we listen to the C minor chord you get this :

“A” | “B” | “C” | “D” | “E” | “F” | “G

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