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October 5, 2020

The most obvious and common answer would be to say that you cannot play the instrument well if you play in a manner inconsistent with it.

The common and unproblematic explanation for this is the theory of naturalization. The theory holds that, as the name suggests, a people who have been forced under English jurisdiction to be an indigenous people, and who therefore adopt English customs, have ceased to belong to their native country. In some cases such as that of the Scots over the years, this theory was challenged by critics who argued that the Scots could not reasonably be called British because they did not live in the British Isles, and they remained, unlike the English, at the very bottom of the social ladder in their respective countries. The British government did not take the theory seriously in the 1930s when the government decided to adopt the practice of granting citizenship to foreign-born children born in the United Kingdom. But when the British government decided to give a large number of new voters the same citizenship as British born children in the late 1990s, an uproar was launched.

In recent years, critics have argued that this practice of naturalization by citizenship has led to “Britishization” of non-English-speaking citizens, and is a form of racial discrimination. In 2002, in one case, a court ordered a woman who had been granted citizenship by naturalization to resign her citizenship altogether. Another judge ruled that the British citizenship grantees should be prohibited from applying for their citizenship. This week, the Supreme Court in Ontario ruled that a court should not require a person to renounce Indian citizenship if they take an oath to Canada when they renounce it.

However, many of the most critical critics have been foreign-born. Many were born in India or Pakistan and were therefore, they argued, “British” by birth in their country of citizenship. Many are not Indian or Pakistani themselves, but have British parents born abroad. To give these children American citizenship would be a violation of human rights; if they would never be eligible for anything (that is, not to get it for the rest of their lives) then the American government must ensure that no one can revoke their citizenship. This is not so different from citizenship by birth in Canada.

There are reasons to be sceptical about the theory that, despite its name, naturalization is a valid way to endear oneself to the West. To begin with, it seems to ignore the fact that immigrants to the West in general (as well as those who came to Britain in the

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