When should I Rehair my violin bow? – Learn Violin Beginner Lesson 4 Problem

October 20, 2020

A lot! For most players, at least once a year, usually just to make sure it’s ready. This may occur in response to an infection, injury, or other mishaps that may have prevented your strings from getting new strings.

As an accompanist, I can also occasionally need to do this to the bows I’m playing, to adjust their shape (or to “restore stiffness” after a string break).

When should I rehair my strings?

World - Say Something sheet music for violin solo [PDF]
Rehairing strings is best done during an in-game update.


You need to use the “Purchased” option in the “Customize” menu, which will allow you to manually rehash your strings (you may want to make a note of the string you want to play again before you do this).

If you’re using any of the free “solo” strings available on the market, you can buy them through the menu, and they’ll be automatically available for rehaired strings.

Where should I get rehairbed string?

To rehair strings, the “Rehaired” option in the customization menu.

In order to get reharbed strings, you’ll need the same strings that were originally purchased for the violin bow. Your original strings can now be bought with your real money.

If you need more reharbed strings, you can now do so from your bank, in which case they’ll be available for rehair.

In addition to new strings, you can also re-sell or sell old strings you already owned at an inn or trade depot to an NPC (this may take a while, since these NPCs require money).

How do I clean my strings?

By using a soft brush to remove dirt from the strings.

I need reharbed strings! Where can I get them?

The same as above, but for the solo strings available on the market, which will also be available as soon as your bow is re-harbed.

What’s going on with my violin bows now? Is there a cost?

Yes, the rehoar strings that are available from the auction house to the right will add more strings (including extra ones for the bows you purchased from the custom options of your violin). The same applies for reharbed strings.

Do I need to use the reharbed strings?

No, you don’t have

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