What is a good price for a beginner violin? – Coursera Violin Course

August 20, 2020

Before I started playing in a professional band, the best prices I could get were $5,000+, with people paying $9,000 to $14,000 for the instruments I was using. If you’ve never played a concert violin, don’t worry. You might need to go to a different school or you might just have to get a guitar for a year. Most amateur players go to a more expensive school. Even if you’re just starting out, I recommend $2,500 to take you to the start line.

Why should I take the money?

At some point in your music career, you’ll either learn how to play piano or an instrument like the trumpet, saxophone or organ, and it just feels right. Maybe not immediately, but when it comes down to it, you have to start somewhere. Most of us take the money right off the top and use that money for our other musical training.

Why do I buy my school back?

If you’re paying $10,000 for the piano and you still can’t play piano well enough to get into your first band, there’s a solution that’ll work. I recommend paying $14,000 for a piano scholarship. If you’re buying back your school from your teacher, consider writing him a check for $100,000 or your own name as the school’s president for $4 million.

My teacher is giving me an 80% discount (my credit card balance is $14,000)! What’s so great? How can I get a discount?

You need to show your instructor that you have the ability to play a given instrument, and that you should want to get into the band, according to the school. If the teacher is giving you an 80% discount, then you should be able to play a high level of the instrument. You probably haven’t practiced piano before so you’d probably have to work on your skills. You can take it a step further and purchase multiple tickets to the concert, so the teacher thinks you will attend. If the piano isn’t your instrument and the teacher doesn’t think you’ll buy into the club, there’s nothing you can do but go to the school and ask to buy back the school.

If the school offers 50% to buy in, you should be able to pay that back in less time without compromising on quality because the school is paying money to sell you something they don’t want anymore.

Don’t take the money. Let

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