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August 23, 2020

The violin player is a very creative type, and the sound they produce will often have more in common with some of rock’n’roll songs than with their classical training. A good violin should not sound exactly like the music, but rather, it should sound like it was made for you. A good one may sound like a small, thin trumpet, or like it is being played while on a boat. I am always looking for my playing style on a violin to sound like my playing style on a trumpet; it is one of my favorite musical styles. That said, the classical violin may have a much higher quality tone than the electric violin.

What does a bad violin sound like?

For a bad violin, the notes and notes like that on the electric violin should be replaced with the sound of a good electric violin. The most typical instrument for a bad violin, in a classical style is the alto saxophone. This instrument is made to sound like an alto sax and its sound is most similar to a bass sax.

What is a good violin?

A good violin will most likely sound like an alto, or something like a bass sax except it will most likely sound like a bass viola. However, it cannot sound like a treble violin, or any other style of violin that sounds like an electric violin. That style makes one more like a large trumpet, or can sound like a soprano. Because a bad violin can not sound quite like an electric violin, and can have a much deeper and richer tone than an electric violin, it is very difficult to find the perfect violin.
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Good quality violin playing can be found in every genre except classical music. Because classical music is so important, as a student you need to find a musical style that suits you, for no other reason than that you must find a style that matches your own taste and style.

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