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August 19, 2020

I am a fairly good musician — I can play almost any instrument (except piano) from acoustic to electric and have some pretty good ideas when it comes to arranging and playing various types of music. I can easily play with one hand and my fingers don’t hurt because I do all my other fingers at the same time.

That says a lot considering I’m a female.

If it doesn’t hurt, I am surprised.

So it’s been a long road for me!

What inspired you to start in the music business?

I was always a pretty good violinist, a great student, and was playing in many different orchestras.

I started in the music business as a consultant, a small business to start, to help my dad and his wife to invest with my mother. I think the reason they wanted to invest was because we have been so successful with orchestras.

They had had some investment problems in a previous venture but we had managed to solve them in that venture and were very happy with the success we experienced. They felt at that time that the whole country needed to be involved in the private sector of the music business.

So I thought to myself if they were willing to invest in a small business it might be possible to help them do that, and we thought that perhaps we also could start a venture in the music business.

At that time we did not even have the means or the need to venture in real estate.

With that in mind it only seemed to make a sense to me to start a business in this field, to help my family diversify away from real estate and diversify into the concert music business.

We set up a small business where I met and collaborated with some music business colleagues who were doing business in Singapore. We also met Mr. Giammarco Pina, the Chairman of a global consulting firm that we were working. We were talking with him and thought that was a good idea to start a venture in concert music. It is what we eventually did, we started our own small business in 2007.

How did you first hear about our project?
using the fingers to play the dulcimer | Dulcimer ...

My colleague and I visited Mr. Pina in the US around 2007 and talked with him about our idea, he said he would like to work with us in developing the market in music publishing in Singapore. Mr. Pina had been the Managing Director of a publishing company for about 15 years.

So we went over and

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