Should my child learn piano or violin? – How To Learn Violin Youtube Kids Songs

November 13, 2020

For many children, piano and violin are both the most fun, but they are also the most dangerous. As children get older, they start to learn the physical skills needed to play instrument. And these are taught during this critical period of learning. By the time your child is 6-8 years old, he already has the physical strength and skills needed to play instruments. If you don’t, there is a chance your child will injure himself and injure someone else. When he plays these instruments, he is exposing his entire body to the risk that other people will injure themselves. By playing for fun, he is learning new and important skills that the rest of his life depends on. Piano lessons begin at four-and-a-half years in middle school and then progress to eight-and-a-half years. These young hands will be much more mobile than the older, more rigid hands of a child of eight. In addition, they will be very strong and dexterous.

So, what should the parents do? The parents should understand that there are many things that can prevent your son or daughter from developing a serious problem such as cerebral palsy. You can:

Encourage your child to play.

Help your child to practice, and find a private space to practice. The room should be quiet, dark, and quiet.

Ask your child how he’s feeling, and how he’s feeling about the music you put him through.

Keep him busy. Play some of the music he may already know, as well as some new parts.

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Watch him practice, and let him do what he does best, while you stay alert for warning signs.

Make sure that you have regular time off from your child.

Encourage your child to use headphones or headphones in which he can turn the music off, especially if he needs practice.

Encourage your children to wear headphones, even during the music.

The following table summarizes the risks of playing the piano and violin during these early years:

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