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November 18, 2020

– No.

– Can I have a piece of the rug?

– No.

How do you keep your hand warm?

– I just hold it between my legs.

How do you know if your house is safe?

Only the birds tell me.

How do you know what color the sun is?

I’m told the sun is red, but how do I know?

How do you find an egg, anyway? – No one ever tells me.

– Who told you I’ve been looking for an egg?

The only reason I get excited about this place is just to see you.

How do we keep our house clean?

I wash my hands on the floor in the bedroom and in the living room.

Do we keep the dishes in our cupboards? – No, I keep them on the table in front of the TV.

How do you tell which of your dogs is best? – That depends on the kind of dog. Beagle = quietest. Maltese = loudest. French Bulldog = smartest. And I’m the smartest.

How do you tell your wife that she’s pregnant? – I walk over and she starts to cry. It’s not that.

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I always want to go places where there are lots of animals to look at, so let’s start with the water fountain. – Well, you can make a cup of tea there, and you can get some water.

If I’m going to buy food, how does that work? – You say it’s free. That’s right, and the food always is.

Do you wash up and clean the floor?

– Yes.

Can I watch cartoons with my kid?

You’re the one who tells them how to draw.

Do you read?

I always look down on kids who don’t do their housework, because they don’t read.

When do you get off the phone?

When I leave town.

Do you smoke?

As long as I’m the one who’s doing it, I smoke.

How much is a gallon of milk?

I don’t know that, but I think it’s fifty bucks.

How do you use a flashlight?

With an ordinary flashlight I can see a whole yard, but with a binocular I can see a

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