Should I play violin or piano? – How To Learn Piano Notes Quickly Synonym

September 19, 2020

If you are an older child at least 13 years old, but only playing one instrument, you should play piano and/or violin. If you are not an adult yet, but you play the same instrument, you can also play piano and/or violin. But this instrument would be not good enough.

What kinds of activities do I enjoy?

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We can play our favorite games and listen to old music during the school day. Or we can sing a song in our backyard garden.

Do you have any other activities you would like to share with us?

The school is all about helping the students improve their skills so that they can become productive members of their community. There are lots of things we teach them or help them learn. It can be an outdoor activity, such as a field trip to the ocean or to the park, a play date, a music class, a reading program, or just getting some great time alone with friends or family who can’t come.

What is your time schedule like?

School starts from 9am to 3pm and ends at 9pm. We have an optional 4 hour break every half hour along the way so there is usually at least one hour free for eating and a couple of hours free watching TV or reading books. On the weekends, we do a field trip to the local park to play in the sand and play soccer. On weeknights we sit with the kids in the classroom and talk about their progress. I have a schedule set out in advance that helps me plan.

How can I help?

Contact me directly here if you don’t have any interest in joining my choir or orchestra.

If you like what you are learning and want to learn the music a little closer, then the Choir and Orchestra Project is a great way to learn and improve. The program consists of three parts — Choir, orchestra and teacher training. We’ll teach music in the classroom and help you develop the musical gifts you have!

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